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Archive - October 2014

DNA Testing Helps Prevent Fraud

Wine DNA Testing Helps Prevent Fraud

French scientists develop yet another way to use science to stop wine fraud.

Wine fraud and wine scandals have been making the news lately. Whether talking about Italian reds or fighting fraud in South Africa with new labels, it seems that both fraud, and ways to beat it, are at the forefront of the wine world’s mind.

During the aging process, wine is barreled while developing flavor. While most people do not drink wine that is French oak-barreled, but about 2% of premium French wines are and are bought for this reason. A specific fraud worrying French wine experts is passing off wine barrels as French oak when they are made from cheaper, Eastern European oak. French oak helps flavor wines with its tannins for a distinct mix of vanilla, smoke, caramel and clove.

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Two Faces Of Chinese Wine

China’s wine community continues to grow with a variety of styles and companies. Here are two vineyards to get to know in China if you’re interested in growing your knowledge of the Asian wine scene.

As WineDom has recently explored, the Chinese wine community is exploding. Fine wines are imported and enjoyed by the population. More importantly, though, Chinese producers are developing their own brands of wine – some of which are competitive on the world wine stage. The people of China are becoming more and more educated and yearn for their wines to be taken seriously by drinkers around the globe. Between educating themselves about world wines and the world about Chinese wine, this niche is developing rapidly while also having an effect on Chinese culture in general.

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Another Reason To Pour A Glass Of Red

Scientists at The University of California Los Angeles have found that a compound in red wine, grapes and chocolate is helpful in stopping the bacteria that causes acne.

Scientists at UCLA have been busy studying the effects of a compound found in red wine on acne. Resveratrol, found in grapes, red wine and chocolate, is already known to help combat cancer, Alzheimer’s and have the same effect on the body as an hour of exercise. Red wine also helps slow the production of free radicals, which are responsible for breaking down tissue during the aging process, thus slowing down aging.
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