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Wines To Serve With Holiday Dinner

Whether you’re planning on celebrating Christmas with a ham, Hanukkah with brisket and potato pancakes, or Kwanzaa with soul food or African cuisine we’ll take the guesswork out of picking the wine.  We’ve included traditional dishes from around the world, too, so that you can celebrate however you want without worrying about the wine.


Kwanzaa is a secular holiday celebrated by African Americans in the United States honoring African-American traditions. It is based around seven core principles and includes colored candles in a Kenorah that are lit each night during the festival.

During Kwanzaa dinners, many eat soul food, from the American south, or African dishes. If you’re enjoying soul food, consider a sparkling rose wine, Gewurztraminer, or something with a little zip to cut through the gravy. Another option is to go sweet to balance out the savory flavors in the meal. Whatever you do, stay away from high tannin reds if your Kwanzaa meal will include greens – you don’t want to match bitter with bitter, it just never works.


Hanukkah is the Jewish holiday that celebrates the restoration of the temple including the miracle of a day’s worth of oil lasting eight days. Each night one candle in the Menorah is lit and prayed over to commemorate the miracle. While dishes are varied, many Jews, religious and secular, eat brisket as their main course. Along with brisket there are sidedishes loaded with carbs and cheese like latkes (potato pancakes) and blintzes. The best bet is sparkling wine, since the food is oily and the bubbles will keep the palate from being overwhelmed and lose its ability to taste. Stick to sparkling whites, like prosecco, for the best pairing.

Many American Jews enjoy a movie and Chinese food on Christmas Day, so if it’s takeout or a restaurant for you, be sure to check out our helpful guide to pairing wine with Chinese. Read More