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Brangelina Wine – What’s The Word

Celebrities usually don’t only have one gig – singers, actors, athletes crossover industries – and on their own or through collaboration might design clothing, develop perfume, or dabble in other industries mentioned. A new one? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or “Brangelina” have developed a wine that is getting surprisingly good reviews.

Power couple, Pitt and Jolie, have developed a rosé that hit British shop Marks and Spencer on April 11th. While other celebrities have created wines (George Clooney and Marilyn Manson to name two) this one is getting much more attention. Brangelina owns a french vineyard in the Provence region of France and have released the rosé through Marks and Spencer.

The wine, Miraval, is available for £18 at Marks and Spencer. While originally available last year this is the first time it’s available in supermarkets, with Marks and Spencer being the first. If you’re not located in London you may still have an opportunity to purchase the wine at one of Marks and Spencer’s international stores.

Rosés are produced by using red wine making processes with white grapes. Where white wine grapes have the skins removed early in the process, reds keep them on much longer. Rosés use white grapes but leave the skins on, giving the final product its unique pink hue. Miraval has the hue and a flavor profile that has earned it an initial placement of 84 out of 100 on Wine Spectator’s list. It also has the claim to fame as being the first rosé to make the cut. Top wine critics are very pleased with the wine and it is believed that it will become a favorite rosé in wine circles.

The flavor profile is summer berry, wild herb and tangy tangerine while the aromas listed are strawberry, white pear and floral. Decanter magazine is impressed, predicting that it will become well known.

So, is this a case of people being interested because it is produced by Hollywood giants? Or does the wine have something to offer to drinkers? Based on its initial scores and reviews, yes. Looking deeper, it makes sense that the wine would be exceptional. Jolie and Pitt didn’t work on their own, but instead partnered with the Perrin family and made a wine that works well for their vineyard’s terroir which includes slopes and poor limestone soil. While some wines in the region are reds, the best wines produced are rosés. Wines produced in the area are often considered similar to Super Tuscans, an impressive comparison.

The partnership and knowledge of the Perrin estate has clearly paid off, allowing the celebrity couple to produce an exceptional wine that is getting noticed. While the limited release has a waitlist, there’s no doubt the couple will produce more wines in the future – be sure to put them on your “to try” list. What celebrity wines have you tried? Will you try to get a taste of this one?

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  • I thought they buhogt the Miraval Castle, Chateau, or whatever it was, out of their combined Mongo Bongo Trust?? If they didn’t why don’t the media just call it Brad’s Miraval Chateau?? Second I don’t believe these two were even engaged. I think they heard it through the Hollywood grapevine that Justin Theroux was picking out or designing an engagement ring for Jennifer, and Jolie wasn’t going to be upstaged. Got a ring from Robert Pro-whatever, and put it on, got herself pictured with it, and had him announce it. Poor Pitt he’s been denying such a wedding is going to take place, since April, and at the Killing Them Softly premiere next month, will have to face yet another ’round of those questions. I think she played Pitt, just like she played him with the oops I’m knocked up bit in 2005! Got to hand it to her though, she always got another trick up her sleeve, to keep him in line. What’s next in her lil ole bag of tricks, when this wedding’ never happens, and it just becomes a running joke? Run to the nearest 3rd world orphanage and snatch yet another kid? Do another humanitarian PR/photo op stroll?

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