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Archive - April 2015

Hearing Wine

Wine is a sensory experience. From the heft of the bottle to the pop of the cork and glug of the pour. The way the wine’s color changes with depth and clings to the side of the glass. The notes in the aromatics adding to the tasting experience and the flavor and mouthfeel completing it. That’s all five senses engaged in the experience. Now, though, one company has added to the auditory experience with the help of a synaesthete, allowing all of us to hear wine in a new way.

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Brangelina Wine – What’s The Word

Celebrities usually don’t only have one gig – singers, actors, athletes crossover industries – and on their own or through collaboration might design clothing, develop perfume, or dabble in other industries mentioned. A new one? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, or “Brangelina” have developed a wine that is getting surprisingly good reviews.

Power couple, Pitt and Jolie, have developed a rosé that hit British shop Marks and Spencer on April 11th. While other celebrities have created wines (George Clooney and Marilyn Manson to name two) this one is getting much more attention. Brangelina owns a french vineyard in the Provence region of France and have released the rosé through Marks and Spencer.

The wine, Miraval, is available for £18 at Marks and Spencer. While originally available last year this is the first time it’s available in supermarkets, with Marks and Spencer being the first. If you’re not located in London you may still have an opportunity to purchase the wine at one of Marks and Spencer’s international stores.

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Climate Change and Changing Tastes

For the last seven years Naked Wines have looked at trends in wine tastes and noticed something significant: wine drinkers’ tastes may be changing along with the climate. Does climate change the flavor of wine? And does a warming earth mean more warm climate wines?

Grapes can be grown in a variety of climates and are produced in both warm and cool climes. This factor in a wine’s terroir is the one that most influences how drinkers taste it and links most to drinkers’ preferences. Trends in the types of wine people are buying, and going back to buy more of, show a definitive preference for warmer climate wines, possibly because these flavors are creeping into cool climate wines due to a rise in global temperatures.

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