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Archive - March 2015

Pairing Wine with Pizza

Pizza doesn’t just have to be a greasy mess of carbs and dairy eaten in a frat house, with all of the artisanal pizza shops gaining popularity around the world it can often be a gourmet meal. That means you don’t have to consume it with a can of beer but can pair it with wine. Here are your best bets for how.

When heading out to dinner don’t think you have to have beer with your pizza. You can enjoy a healthier alternative in a glass of wine that is paired to what you’re eating so that it not only just goes, but enhances the flavor – like any good wine pairing should.

While you should always drink the wine you like, it’s never a bad idea to experiment with traditional pairings to see how they work with the flavors and then go from there. Or, work backwards, and pick your wine and then a pizza to go with it.

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Chinese Corruption Crackdown Bad News For Bordeaux

A while ago, Winedom explored Chinese wine culture including information about crackdowns on corruption within its government. Specifically, the concern centered around officials spending far too much money entertaining. The wine world is feeling the ripple effect from the crackdown.

The Chinese are increasingly interested in wine. From buying up real estate in some of the best areas of France to making wine in their home country, Chinese exposure to the Western World has brought with it a love of wine. In 2013 much attention was given to government officials spending far too much on entertaining, and much of the tab was wine-related. There were huge limits placed on the officials and we are starting to see the results of this.

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7 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

When you have a wine lover in your life gifts usually come in the form of a bottle. Consider one of these unique gifts to bring wine out of the fridge and into the home.

Wine is a great gift, don’t get us wrong, but if you want to do something fun for a wine-loving friend, consider a gift that isn’t a bottle or tool but instead a gorgeous decorative piece.

1. Cork Candles: These are an inexpensive gift sure to make the day of any twenty-something with a new apartment to decorate. The candles fit right into most wine bottles and are easily lit for decoration. Gift along with a few bottles of wine for the perfect housewarming present.

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