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Moderate Consumption of Red Wine Can Help Diabetics

Israeli University Study’s Preliminary Results Indicate Moderate Consumption of Red Wine Beneficial to Type 2 Diabetes Sufferers

Doctors in Israel are exploring whether or not red wine can protect the heart health of patients with Type 2 Diabetes. The study looked at participants with the condition who drank a small glass of red wine, white wine, or mineral water with dinner and found those drinking red wine had healthy hearts.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

The most common type of diabetes, Type 2 means the body does not use insulin properly. It is sometimes referred to as “insulin resistance”. It is caused by genetic disposition, lifestyle or a combination of both. Sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes are susceptible to significant heart issues. But a glass or two of red each day could help.

Good Cholesterol, Bad Cholesterol

Cholesterol, found in animal-derived foods, is often dismissed as something bad, but there are two types of cholesterol.

  • High-Density Lipoprotein: HDL is the “good cholesterol”. It lives in the bloodstream and removes the bad cholesterol found there.
  • Low-Density Lipoprotein: LDL is the “bad cholesterol”. It builds up on the walls of arteries, leading to a narrowing and hardening that can be responsible for heart attacks and strokes.

Sufferers of Type 2 Diabetes often have low levels of HDL, leaving them susceptible to heart problems caused by LDL.

The Study

220 participants were assigned a standard Mediterranean diet. The participants drank either red wine, white wine or mineral water with dinner. Those who drank 150 ml of red wine with dinner were found to have higher levels of HDL.

What Does It Mean?

Research on benefits of wine is often considered controversial however there are more and more showing the benefits of red wine over white wine when looking at weight, memory, and other health factors. While it is not certain what red wine benefits drinkers, there are definite links between red wine and better health. This may explain the French Paradox: the long lifespans of the French who eat diets heavy in rich cheeses and red meats, both of which are high in bad cholesterol and saturated fats. The French also drink more red wine than others.

The chemical compound resveratrol could be the mystery link to all of the health benefits scientists are finding in red wine. While studies are not conclusive, evidence points to small amounts of red wine as an aid in overall health. Consult with your doctor to make sure you do not have health conditions that could be worsened by adding wine to your diet.

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  • It is really common that red wine is good for the heart. But just now I discover that it is also good for diabetes. Thank you for sharing this I would advise my dad to take wine moderately starting now. We do love wines and we have them at home always.

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