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Archive - November 2014

35 Pounds of Cocaine Found In Shipment of Australian Wine

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in New Jersey. Federal agents seized a large amount of snow after sniffer dogs alerted them to it in what was supposed to be a shipment of 1,050 cartons of wine.

Sniffer dogs alerted federal agents to a shipment of what was listed as 1,050 cartons of wine at Port Newark, a major stop for imports to the United States. In what is being called a routine tactical examination of a shipping container, agents found a black duffel bag. The bag contained thirteen duct-taped bricks of cocaine.

Originating in Australia, the shipping container made a stop in Panama. The contents of the container have been turned over to Homeland Security.

Japan Wine Challenge 2014 Gearing Up For January 2015 Awards Event

In addition to emerging as a producer in the wine world, Japan has been taking a more holistic approach since it came on the scene. Japan believes in not simply drinking and making wine, but educating its people about wine and getting involved on a global scale. Enter the Japan Wine Challenge in 1997, one of Asia’s most recognized competitions.

History And Details

The Japan Wine Challenge (JWC) was started to introduce Japanese grape wine to the international wine community. It has developed into a serious competition through relationships with major players in the wine world and a competition many other countries join.

The annual competition sees wines from around the world tasted by a panel of judges from Japan and around the world. The standard gold, silver and bronze awards are given in a variety of categories along with trophy prizes going to the best wines in categories. Wines that do not necessarily win but are considered worthy are given a “seal of approval” showing that they were enjoyed at the challenge.

The challenge is growing with 2013’s competition seeing 1,400 wines entered into competition.

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Australian Label Sold to Yellow Tail In Hope Of Reviving Brand

The Hess Family Wine Estates has sold its Peter Lehmann Wines label to the Casella family, owners of Yellow Tail, at a significant loss. They are hopeful that the Casella family will be able to market and distribute the wine.

While some stakeholders have remained anonymous in the big sale, an estimated $50 Million USD changed hands, it has been reported that the Casella’s will have 90-100% ownership and thus the controlling shares so decision-making will belong to them exclusively. The selling price was 62% less than the amount Hess Family Wine Estates acquired it for in 2003.

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