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Archive - October 2014

Navigating China’s Wine Culture

Move over, Europe, Asia is the place to be if you want wine-related attention.

News outlets around the world are watching China as it continues to make headlines. China’s wine movement is about far more than drinking, although wine is becoming increasingly popular. China is new to the wine game but the past twenty years have seen exponential growth both in the production and drinking of wine. With foreign interest, marketing to the young, and increased interest in less pricey wines, China is a formidable opponent on the wine scene.
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Pill Helps UK Citizens Resist Second Drink

With more than 10 million English citizens now drinking more than the suggested limit, England turns to medicine to help with its drink problem.

Doctors in England are testing a daily oral to stop people from drinking too much. The drug, Nalmefene (Selincro), targets the part of the brain that experiences pleasure from drinking alcohol thus making the person on the medication less likely to drink more than one glass.

In England, where drinking-related costs are high for the National Health Service (NHS), this could save the region a significant amount of money over the next few years. It is also believed that the drug will save human. Women who drink more than a half a bottle of wine a day and men who drink more than three quarters are more likely to experience mouth cancer, liver failure, or fatal car accidents. For women, the risk of breast cancer is increased by 20%.
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Action-Packed Hong Kong Wine Auction Sees Record Sale, Means Much More

Could the record-breaking winning bid on a super lot of Pinot Noir signify better times on China’s horizon?

The world record for the most expensive lot of wine ever sold has been broken as of Saturday with the former price of $1.05 million (USD) being replaced with the new figure of $1.6 million. The wine was sold by Sotheby’s and consisted of 114 bottles of Romanee-Conti from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. The lot was made up of six bottles from each vintage from 1992-2010. The buyer’s name has not been released.

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