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Archive - October 2014

New Grape Variety Developed By Cornell University

Aromella, the new hybrid grape variety

The Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York is home to Cornell University and a collection of wine enthusiasts tied to the Ivy League University. Recently they have produced a wine made from a newly developed hybrid grape, Aromella. This white grape variety is the first new grape the school has developed since 2006 and produces a fruity white with hints of pineapple, floral and citrus. Similar to a Moscato, the wine will be popular with lovers of sweet whites.

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Recent Earthquake in California Destroys 1000s of Wine Bottles

Earthquake Aftermath for WineMakers in California

Winemakers in the famous Napa Valley region of California recently awoke to a distressing scene, after an earthquake hit on Sunday, 24th of August, 2014. Thousands of bottles of wine, as well as full barrels, were found to be destroyed as a result of the natural disaster. This was not even the full extend of the damage.

It could not have happened at a more inconvenient time, as the 2014 crops were just starting to be harvested. 2014 had already proven to be a difficult year for Californian winemakers, as the region was going through one of its worst droughts for decades. This important harvest was put on hold, as winemakers and sellers in the area stopped their regular trade in order to clean, and assess damage from the quake. Damage to machinery is also a concern, as it could slow harvesting, creating even greater financial losses in the future.

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