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Author - Makis

Resveratrol Strikes Again – This Time Right In The Gut

Resveratrol is found to have another health benefit – giving you another reason to keep drinking red wine in moderation.

A recent study, headed by Min Du of Washington State University in the United States, has found another benefit of resveratrol. The chemical compound, which has been linked to keeping the hearts of Type 2 Diabetes sufferers healthier, fighting acne and raising the metabolism, also has an interesting side effect on fat in mammals.

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Coravin Device Changes How We Enjoy Wine

A new wine tool is revolutionizing how people enjoy wine, both in the hospitality industry and private residences.

Throughout the history of wine many have worried about opening up a good bottle. What if it doesn’t get drunk? No one wants to waste the good stuff, and wine may last longer than previously believed but it still has a limited shelf life. The Coravin is changing when and how wines can be enjoyed around the world.

What Is A Coravin?

The Coravin Wine System is a device that uses a long hollow needle and argon gas to allow wine drinkers to take as much or little wine as they would like from a bottle. After the amount is taken the cork reseals and allows the wine to continue to age without oxidizing. Oxidation is the process that makes wine “go bad”. The device, which sells for about $300, has been lauded by wine experts as the must have tool for serious drinkers.

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Yes, There Is A Wine Trip Around The World

Do you love travel and wine? Do you have two to three years’ salary saved up and ready to spend?

Then you’re in luck, because you can afford to take the ultimate wine-related vacation.

Forget a trip to Provence in the spring or Napa in the fall, where you can explore vineyards and taste at wineries. Now you can take the ultimate wine trip: six weeks, 12 countries, first class filghts, 5-star hotels, regions both presigious in the wine world and some great up and comers.

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