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Archive - February 2015

Orange Wine 101

orange wine

Orange wines are the newcomer in the more hip wine circles. They’re not what you think, don’t taste like you’d expect, and are a constant topic of conversation in the wine world. If you haven’t tried one yet you should, but be warned that most bottles have a higher than normal price point. Start your education on orange wines here by reading about their history, how they’re made, and basic tasting expectations.

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Top Five Tips For Picking Wines

It’s no secret that wine has become far more accessible over the last two decades. This means you can’t just pick up any old bottle and cross your fingers – because it’s likely that those coming to your dinner party will have already tasted that bottle and be able to offer a different choice. The key, these days, to picking wine is knowing what you like, what goes with what you’re serving, and what will impress.

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Wine Fraud Website Helps Combat Growing Problem

New website will help collectors and others avoid the often costly trap of wine fraud.

Wine fraud is a problem that can be very costly to collectors and cause emotional upset to people who buy a bottle thinking they are getting one thing when it’s really another. We’ve seen in the last year that countries are taking it seriously, whether they have employed science or new labeling to be proactive, or pursued legal action to be reactive.

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