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Archive - January 2015

Brooklyn Oenology: Showcasing New York As A Wine Producing Destination

Here at Winedom we don’t just make lists of great tasting rooms to fantasize about, we actually visit them and learn about them from their owners, winemakers and staff.

Recently, Winedom writer Nancy Koziol spent an evening at Brooklyn Oenology, one of our top ten tasting rooms to visit, and was able to talk to owner and winemaker Alie Shaper about her wines, the space, and more.

Falling Into Wine

While for many, winemaking is a lifelong affair, passed through the family generation after generation, Alie discovered her passion for the drink accidentally having come from a family that didn’t drink much at all, “my mother almost never,” Alie shared when discussing her lack of memories of wine as a child other than the occasional bottle that would show up at her grandmother’s holiday dinners. Shaper completed her degree at New York’s Cornell University, starting out as a Mechanical Engineering major and then switching to Operations Research and Industrial Engineering. Her only experience with wine at the ivy league university, known for its Hotel School, was taking their introductory wines-of-the-world class – an elective that “seriously sparked [her] interest in wine.”

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Deconstructing The Difference: Shiraz vs. Syrah In Three Steps

Shiraz vs. Syrah

Syrah? Shiraz? Here’s an easy way to understand and remember the difference with three rules.

Shiraz and Syrah are often used interchangeably when discussing wine and sometimes, late at night in a quiet bar, you might hear a debate over whether or not there is an actual difference. The easiest answer is: it depends. If you’re talking about grapes there is one answer, but when discussing wine there could be more.

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Brewing Glögg – The Scandinavian Mulled Wine Drink

Brewing Glögg - The Scandinavian Mulled Wine Drink

Winter is here and there’s no better time to brew up a batch of Glögg. This mulled wine drink is native to Nordic countries and perfect for sipping by the fire on those long, snowy winter evenings.

Glögg is a hot, spiced, red wine drink. Mulled wines are popular in Europe and this version should not be confused with gluhwein – each region’s version of mulled wine has something unique about it. Glögg uses port, can include infused spirits like vodka or bitters, and has more of an orange flavor. It is far less fruit-filled and instead relies on almonds and raisins for its unique flavor. You can learn to make Glögg at home, easily, and impress your guests with your Nordic take on holiday drinks.

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