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Archive - June 2015

7 Best Places To Take A Wine-Related Trip

Forget the wine regions of France and Napa Valley – the world of wine has opened up around the globe, allowing for anything from a day trip, romantic weekend to longer vacation based around wine.

No matter where you are in the world or your budget, chances are there is a wine region nearby just waiting for you to visit. Here are Winedom’s top choices, and other things to do while in the area.

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Shifts In China’s Wine Scene

Winedom has been following China’s wine scene for quite some time. There is more interesting news coming out of China that will be great for wine exports from other nations.

Wine Intelligence, a company dedicated to market research and trends, recently put out their first report on Chinese wine drinking habits since 2012 and they have found a serious shift in wine drinking habits among Chinese citizens.

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Cheap Wine Wins Again

When it comes to us Average Joes and our wine drinking, we are again reminded that the cheap stuff is often the best choice.

Recently, Winedom ran a post about perception and wine. It showed that people given wine and told it is expensive will enjoy it more. This is because we are conditioned, from childhood, to believe that more expensive products are better. Winedom also reported, though, that many of the wines bringing home medals at reputable competitions are cheap, grocery store brands.

This great video from Vox further proves that cheap(er) wine is often a great option.