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Archive - June 2015

6 Summery Sparkling Cocktails

Summer is here and that means it’s a good time for refreshing cocktails. What’s more refreshing than chilly bubbles?

A glass of white, bubbles or none, is always a refreshing choice but this summer try a sparkling wine cocktail while sipping outdoors.

6 Sparkling Wine Cocktails To Make

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Wine And The Elderly

Not As Good As Previously Thought?

Research has shown the benefits of moderate drinking for the elderly but more recent findings show that gender may play a role in just how healthy this practice is.

What Is Moderate Alcohol Consumption?

Moderate consumption is defined as two drinks for men, one for women, daily. And while many bars and restaurants ignore the actual size of these servings, medical practitioners stick to the following guidelines

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English Wines On The Rise

The saying “when one door opens another closes” is no truer in the wine world than in the case of England’s emerging popularity as a producer.

England’s climate and soil have traditionally made it a producer of sparkling wines but with new understanding of grapes and viticultural technique, the country is exploring and creating still wines that are also gaining notice. How did this happen?

Terroir and Microclimate Help English Producers

While England isn’t what many of us think about when heading out to pick up a bottle of wine, it should be. In the last two years, England has been putting its mark on the map. There has been substantial interest in various growing areas, including the warm microclimate found in West Sussex.

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