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Exploring The Finger Lakes Wine Region With Winedom

This year Winedom will be represented at the Wine Bloggers Conference.  From August 13-16 we’ll attend tastings and educational sessions, and live-tweet and -blog.

Each year in mid-August, wine bloggers from all over gather in wine country to learn about wine, meet and visit vineyards, listen to wine and blogging experts and develop their blogging skills for four wine-packed days.  2015 Wine Bloggers Conference Heading to Finger Lakes, New York.

Be sure to follow us on twitter and to watch #WBC15 and #WinedomAtWBC15 to keep up with all the news. We’ll post updates throughout the day and recaps each night – so be sure to tune in and stay connected!

About The Region

The Finger Lakes is an American Viticultural Area or ACA. Like appellations in France, these are designated wine grape-growing regions distinguished by the terroir and determined by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, part of the US Department of the Treasury. Currently, the US has 230 ACAs.

The Finger Lakes region is made up of eleven glacial lakes of a distinct long, skinny shape running north to south. While the entire region is known for wine, Canandaigua, Keuka, Seneca and Cayuga have the majority of vinyards in the Finger Lakes AVA. The Finger Lakes is the largest producer of wine in New York State.

Climate Of The Finger Lakes

Source: Der Kellermeister

Many wine drinkers from outside of the area are surprised to hear that there are wines, and good ones, produced in an area known for its brutally cold winters. In fact, looking just at the basic temperatures of the region, one might think that it could not produce wines, however the unique geology of the region and depth of the glacial lakes leads to a distinct microclimate that makes for great wine.

The lakes store heat from the summer, releasing it during winter to keep the climate mild compared to the surrounding area and postponing frost. The lakes also keep the area cooler in the summer, meaning the region’s temperature is far more moderate than the surrounding area.

Area growers are sensitive to the unique needs of grapes in the area and take advantage of steep hillsides to give grapes better access to the sun. That, along with the deep soil and its good drainage, keeps the grapes healthy.

What Types Of Grapes Are Grown In The Region?

The area is very similar to places in Germany where Riesling thrives, making it a popular grape for the area. But the area is also home to American varieties, hybrids, and European vitis vinifera grapes. Wine lovers can find a wine to fit their tastes from Gewurztraminer to Pinot Noir out of the Finger Lakes Region.

Wine Bloggers Conference

The Conference, in its 8th year, focuses on educating wine bloggers on a variety of wine-related topics from tasting tips to how to take photo and video with smartphones. Excursions to local vineyards, facilities and more wine-related places are available. And, of course, unlike most conferences: smart phones, tablets, and laptops are always out because the conference is for bloggers. And bloggers are expected to blog. From quick tweets to more in depth posts on specific sessions and themes, all of the bloggers, including us at Winedom, will be updating regularly. Be sure to check here and on Twitter from the 13th-16th for everything you could want to know about the state, politics and culture of wine!

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