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Moderate Alcohol Consumption Great For Seniors’ Memories

Red wine helps clear acne, slow aging and drop blood pressure. Now experts in the US have found that it can also aid in keeping memory sharp.
Researchers at three US Universities have found a link between moderate drinking by people over 60-years-old and memory. In cases where people over age sixty did not drink, their memory recall was not as good as those who drink moderately. Moderate consumption of alcohol is defined as two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

This benefit does not extend to younger wine drinkers: the effect takes place in adults who drink at that age; no correlation was found between those who drank before 60 and those who started to drink then. Of course, this is still good news as starting at 60, a time when many worry about their mental acuity, helps.

The studies do not show that wine increases intelligence but improves short-term memory as seen in small memory tests, puzzles and surveys.

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