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Drinking In Excess Continues To Be A Problem in Britain

Despite research on the dangers of drinking too much, Britain continues to worry about a rise in drinking amongst its population.

It appears the pill to stop people from wanting a second drink either isn’t available to all citizens or hasn’t caught on as the British populous, of which ten per cent is overweight or obese, continues to indulge in bad drinking habits. A recent study by The Grocer, an industry magazine, shows that more than 15% of those surveyed said they often drink an entire bottle of wine by themselves with women being more likely to do this than men. The age groups most likely to engage in this behavior are ages 25-34 followed by 45-54.

While moderate consumption of alcohol can be beneficial to one’s health helping lower blood pressure, and as seen in the French Paradox, more than the recommended amount of alcohol (about 175 ml of wine for women/about a pint of beer for men) can increase heart attack, cancer and obesity risks. Consider that consuming a bottle of wine can mean drinking 700 calories.

British officials are reacting to the problem by framing the issue with education, asking that wine bottles contain nutritional information, and legislation. Alcohol consumption in excess is risky not only to one’s long-term health and wellness but also contributes to drink driving accidents.

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