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Contradictory News From The UK Raises Questions

Despite an apparent desire to help citizens drink less, troubling news from the UK is raising questions about practices in pubs and restaurants.

Recent news out of the UK shows a desire to help citizens cut down on their drinking by providing medication that cuts the desire for more than one drink. Despite recognition that there has been an increase in the amount of alcohol consumed, drink driving fatalities and other alcohol-related concerns, many pubs and restaurants are breaking the law and possibly putting citizens at risk.

The law requires that wine is offered in a 125ML glass and that this be listed on the menu/price list. This is about a single serving of alcohol, or unit, and the amount an average person will process out of their bloodstream after one hour. After three units, most people are unable to drive without being impaired. The new standard for wine is to sell it in 250ML glasses, about a third of a bottle. And many pubs and restaurants are not listing this on their menus and price lists. The result is an increase in the amount of drink-driving incidents, health problems, and other alcohol-related issues.

Experts believe that the 125ML serving makes more sense and allows for more control and spacing. The 250ML glass is often drunk at the same rate with less space between than necessary.

The practice of willfully violating the 2003 is causing concern, especially because many places, besides not listing and offering the smaller option are also making it cheaper to buy the larger serving, thus encouraging wine consumption at a higher rate. While the 250ML serving is twice the size, it is generally far cheaper to buy a single 250ML glass than one 125ML glass of wine.

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