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Archive - March 2015

An Argument Against Aging Wine

Aging wine is something people hear but never understand. Does it turn to vinegar? Does it make it better? Unless you’re a serious collector, aging isn’t something you should think about as most of the wine you buy is most likely for the purpose of drinking. And, as news out of North Carolina is showing, age doesn’t always make for a better wine.

It was a fascinating discovery: a bottle of wine from 150 years ago found in the Mary-Celestia, a ship that wrecked off of Bermuda in 1864. The boat was delivering supplies to the Confederacy when it hit a reef and sank. In 2011 divers found several bottles of wine, perfume, clothing and accessories including pearl buttons. The wine, of course, made a stir in the wine world.

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Pairing Wine with Chinese

Chinese food is often a meal eaten out of the carton with good friends and laughter, movies and board games. Be it Christmas, New Year’s or just a random Friday night, Chinese takeaway is a treat. For some reason, most of us don’t enjoy it with wine. This may be because certain flavors in wine and Chinese do not mesh, causing a harsh or off taste. There are wines that pair beautifully with Chinese. Here are the best varietals to pair with your next Chinese dinner.

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Forecast: 2015 Wine Trends

Fashion and makeup have them, and so does wine. We’re talking about trends… the things that we’ll see in the wine shops front and center. Winedom is taking a look at anticipated wine trends for 2015 to help you get the best of what’s new.

Wine is different from other trends in that it takes a long time to develop a new wine so it’s not tough to forecast what is coming around the bend. That said, Winedom has checked with a variety sources to see what is coming down the pike and what’s worth trying. Here are the ten trends we’re keeping an eye on.

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