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Coravin Device Changes How We Enjoy Wine

A new wine tool is revolutionizing how people enjoy wine, both in the hospitality industry and private residences.

Throughout the history of wine many have worried about opening up a good bottle. What if it doesn’t get drunk? No one wants to waste the good stuff, and wine may last longer than previously believed but it still has a limited shelf life. The Coravin is changing when and how wines can be enjoyed around the world.

What Is A Coravin?

The Coravin Wine System is a device that uses a long hollow needle and argon gas to allow wine drinkers to take as much or little wine as they would like from a bottle. After the amount is taken the cork reseals and allows the wine to continue to age without oxidizing. Oxidation is the process that makes wine “go bad”. The device, which sells for about $300, has been lauded by wine experts as the must have tool for serious drinkers.

How Does This Change Anything?

Wine is temperamental. After removing the cork, the addition of air is beneficial to taste, but after a short time the wine begins to oxidize – giving it a vinegary or other unpleasant taste and rendering it undrinkable. Many spend money on special stoppers and vacuums but several studies have proved these to be moot. The Coravin, however, allows the cork to reseal, as if it were never pierced, thus keeping the bottle as good as new.

Multiple Bottles For A Party

Owners of a Coravin no longer have to worry about only offering one type of wine, or a few bottles, to guests. No matter what the taste of party guests, any wine can be served or even tasted because the bottles are essentially not opened. This also means that “special” bottles reserved for celebrations can be enjoyed because a single glass can be drunk and then placed back in the cellar or wine fridge for later.

Restaurants Can Offer Better Wines By The Glass

Ever wonder why your favorite spot only offers cheaper wines by the glass? It’s because it’s not worth the risk of corking a good bottle only to have it oxidize. With the Coravin, restaurants can offer their entire collection by the glass and not risk having to pour a bottle by the drain. Large groups can drink whatever they want with each course and not have to worry about buying and drinking entire bottles to please the tastes of diners.

Who Should Consider A Coravin?

When it comes to individual drinkers and personal use, this device is not for everyone. Pricier than most, it is an investment best made by those who drink regularly, have a decent collection, and find themselves either avoiding certain bottles for fear of wasting, or actually pouring wine out because they didn’t drink it in the correct time frame. On the other hand: all restaurants, large and small, should consider the investment. It allows for easy tastings and boosts per glass revenues.

Save your money and don’t worry about purchasing stoppers and vacuums (they don’t work!) but definitely consider a Coravin if you find yourself wanting to enjoy better bottles in smaller amounts.

You can learn more at the Coravin website while you can buy your own Coravin Wine System through Amazon.

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