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And The Good News About Red Wine Keeps Coming

Scientists are once again touting the benefits of red wine.

Studies show that enzymes found in red wine can help burn fat and help liver health.

Dr. Neil Shay, of the University of Oregon, has been turning mice into couch potatoes for good reason: to test his hypothesis that red wine can help the liver in how it handles fats. Of course, this also applies to simply eating red grapes but he found that wine has the same effect due to ellagic acid, a chemical found in dark red grapes.

While drinking red wine, in any amount, won’t help a person lose weight, it can be beneficial in increasing the rate at which the body burns fat. Mice were given a high fat diet. While the control group developed a penchant for being overweight, and developed weight-related diseases like diabetes and fatty liver disease, the variable group did not as frequently. The variable group was given the equivalent of one and a half cups of red grapes a day or wine – and since the metabolism of mice is similar to humans in this sense, the news is compelling.

Just like there’s no miracle pill for weight loss, this isn’t a quick fix. However, wine drinkers of any weight can rest assured knowing that their bodies will appreciate help with flushing out the toxins that are usually trapped in the liver. Add this to the other benefits of wine and it’s clear that it’s a great additional, in moderation, to anyone’s lifestyle.

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