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7 Unique Gifts for Wine Lovers

When you have a wine lover in your life gifts usually come in the form of a bottle. Consider one of these unique gifts to bring wine out of the fridge and into the home.

Wine is a great gift, don’t get us wrong, but if you want to do something fun for a wine-loving friend, consider a gift that isn’t a bottle or tool but instead a gorgeous decorative piece.

1. Cork Candles: These are an inexpensive gift sure to make the day of any twenty-something with a new apartment to decorate. The candles fit right into most wine bottles and are easily lit for decoration. Gift along with a few bottles of wine for the perfect housewarming present.

2. Flattened Bottles: If you know the favorite vineyard, type of wine, or vintage of the gift receiver you can probably find one of these with a matching label. Otherwise go for the aesthetic you think he would like. Flattened bottles are great cheese plates, tapas holders, or just a decorative piece that any wine lover would want on their table.

3. Incense Burner: Incense comes in a multitude of flavors these days and can add a great touch to any home. Instead of the traditional burner, check out these beautiful bottles. Using a double ring like you’d find on most key rings the stick is held inside after being lit. Smoke comes out of the top and there is a hole in the back to help with easy cleaning. The beautiful grapes and rattan bow (which is optional) make for a beautiful decoration whether in use or simply perched on a shelf or mantle.

4. Chandelier: While not the everyday gift, there is nothing quite as rustic and stylish as a chandelier that uses Edison lights. This chandelier made of wine bottles is sure to please the stylish wine lover in your home.

5. Dispenser Bottle: This hand painted wine bottle contains a tree and can be used to hold a variety of things, from oils to hand and dish soap. A beautiful way to easily bring color and beauty to normally hum drum bottles.

6. Wind Chimes: Recycled bottles can be cut and repurposed to make gorgeous wind chimes (just check out this shop on Etsy) for indoor or outdoor use. Perfect for a wine lover with kitschy taste!

7. Jewelry: Win her heart with jewelry made from wine bottles. Rings, earrings and more are produced from melted bottles to make simple, gorgeous jewelry. Check out Prairie Mud or any other shops on Etsy specializing in recycled wine bottles.

Chances are you can find a unique gift made from a wine bottle or cork and handmade with love by an artisan. Check out our suggestions and let us know which you’d love to give or receive. Did we miss something? Let us know!

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