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Archive - March 2015

How to Host the Perfect Wine Tasting

Whether you’re new to wine or an expert, whether you want to host a fundraiser or just have a fun night with friends, a wine tasting in your home is the perfect way to spend an evening. You don’t need to buy a kick (save that money for your wine budget) or hire an expert. Host a wine party yourself with a few friends and find your next favorite wine while you create memories to last a lifetime.

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5 Tips And Tricks to Improve Your Wine Drinking Experience

You don’t have to be a sommelier or have gone to school for oenology to enjoy wine drinking. Knowing the basics and having a few tips in your back pocket can make you better than ever before at selecting, preparing, pairing, and enjoying wine.

Whether pouring yourself a glass to enjoy on your own or selecting and serving wine for a dinner party, you can handle wine like a pro by knowing a few good tricks and tips. Here are Winedom’s five starter tips for helping you impress.

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And The Good News About Red Wine Keeps Coming

Scientists are once again touting the benefits of red wine.

Studies show that enzymes found in red wine can help burn fat and help liver health.

Dr. Neil Shay, of the University of Oregon, has been turning mice into couch potatoes for good reason: to test his hypothesis that red wine can help the liver in how it handles fats. Of course, this also applies to simply eating red grapes but he found that wine has the same effect due to ellagic acid, a chemical found in dark red grapes.

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