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Archive - September 2014

Wine Goes High Tech

How two vineyards used crowdsourcing to promote their wines

If you can crowdsource decisions about your next vacation, the job you should take or what to name your kids, why not crowdsource wine? Two winemakers asked that same question and are getting the answer.

The internet is intertwined with pretty much everything these days (even the Pope tweets!) so it’s not a surprise to hear that it has made its way into the wine world. But beyond vineyard websites, mail order wine and tasting blogs there is a new trend in the world wine web: crowdsourcing. Two vineyards have recently taken the journey into using crowdsourcing to promote their wines. Here are the unique ways each has approached this new frontier.
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Taste Your Wine Like a Pro

While plenty of people drink wine in order to become intoxicated, many consider wine tasting one of the best parts of drinking. It is a sad fact that some “wine snobs” have gone too far with their views of correct tasting methods, and the whole subject can seem off-putting and inaccessible to new-comers.

Once you accept that you have moved from simply drinking wine, and into the realm of wine tasting, you might find some expectations that can be intimidating. Often, the “right” way is sullied by people who are more interested in showing their knowledge, technique, and vocabulary, than just focusing on the wine.

This guide will help you to learn the real-world techniques that you can use to taste wine like an expert.
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160,000 litres of fake Tuscany red wine were seized in €5 million fraud

Another major scandal for Italian wine this summer

Siena, Italy — An unnamed wine consultant has been unmasked as a fraud after officials seized 160,000 liters (220,000 bottles) of wine under suspicion of false labeling. The wines, labeled as Rossi di Montalcino and Brunello di Montalcino, a high end, sought after wine, were actually cheap reds and not nearly the quality the label denotes. The consultant and several other members of the area wine community are under investigation for forgery, embezzlement, and theft. No names have been released by the Italian authorities yet.

Statements describe allegations that the wines were sold from 2011-2013 and that about ten wineries are impacted by the criminal activity. This is not the first counterfeit wine scam to rock Tuscany. In May, cheap reds were relabeled as fine Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, selling for ten times their worth.
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