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Archive - September 2014

10 Biggest Things You Should Know About Wine

Wine is an extraordinarily complex subject to discuss. As well as the actual product of wine itself, there is the culture, history, geology, genetics, and agriculture to consider. It might seem like a simple task to start reading, and learn about wine. However, when you begin probing, you will discover a seemingly endless amount of different information.

How can you learn about wine, without being bombarded with details that are not essential?

For a long time, different wines were learned in relation to different regions. This was a simple enough system, and it worked for generations. However, these days there is wine being produced in practically every place on the planet. It should go without saying that these regional lines, which were once in place, have been blurred. What is a modern wine enthusiast to do? Luckily, this guide will tell you the 10 most important things that you should know about wine.
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