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Gifting The Perfect Bottle Of Wine

Gifting The Perfect Bottle Of Wine

No matter how well you know someone, you can give a bottle of wine as a gift and be sure to impress. Here are ten tips for how to make a great gift of a bottle of wine based on ten people you might know.

The Techie

Whether or not you know anything about your tech lovin’, reddit posting neighbor’s tastes in wine you are sure to impress by gifting a bottle from La Crema or Columbia Crest. These two American companies have used technology to make decisions about their wine. Your techie friend will love opening this bottle with friends and telling how even winemakers understand the importance of being connected… to the internet, that is!

The Pop Culture Fiend

Some people like dead poets. Others like celebrities. If you have a friend who is a fan of a particular actor, musician or other known personality there’s a good chance that they have their hands in the wine business. Race car drivers, musicians and movie stars, even politicians — they’ve all gotten into the wine making business. A google search or this helpful list will help you figure out how to pick the perfect bottle for any fanboy or girl.

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