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Rethinking Exposing Children To Alcohol

For years, parents and others have pointed to the “European Model” as a way to introduce children to alcohol in a responsible way that fosters a healthy view of alcohol, moderation and allows for communication. Research is calling the practice into question.

As Easter and Passover approach it’s not unlikely that parents at your holiday gathering will allow their kids a sip of wine. The Passover Seder often means a few sips of Manischewitz and easter can include a sip or two of mom’s wine. The idea is one full of good intentions: by introducing kids to alcohol at an early age they are supervised, it’s comfortable and fosters communication. Many parents feel the allowing of supervised sips destigmatizes alcohol, especially since most children hate the flavor, leading them to not drink at a young age. But, new research out of the United States and United Kingdom think the exact opposite might be true.

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