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Archive - February 2015

Wine Related Tips To Up Your Valentine’s Day Game

Love is in the air and nothing says love like wine. Let Winedom help you wow your date with everything you need to know about romancing with wine.

If you’re planning a special night, get it right with these tips on selecting and serving wine on the most romantic night of the year.

  1. Get The Temperature Right: You know that wines should be cold and reds should not, but do you know the specifics? Many people serve reds too warm, causing the acidity to overwhelm. By the same token, whites are often served too cold, minimizing some of the complexity of the wine. Wines should be stored at cellar temperature (50 degrees Fahrenheit). Starting from there, whites should be refrigerated until about 45 degrees for serving. The wine will open in the glass to optimum flavor at 50-55 degrees. Reds should be removed from cellar temps 2-3 hours ahead of time (if stored at 50) and taste best when enjoyed at 62-66 degrees.
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The Hippest New Wine Pairing Isn’t What You’d Expect

Forget having cheese with your wine, bugs are the new it dish to pair.

A reported two billion people eat bugs as part of their diet worldwide.  Add to that the trend of insect-eating thanks to their being a complete protein and what do you have?  Lathwaite’s new guide to pairing your edible exoskeleton-having snack with a glass of wine.

At first glance this might appear to be a joke, a way to poke fun at a trend, but edible bugs are finding their way from places where they are common on tables, like South America and Asia, to high end gourmet shops in places less exotic.  London’s Selfridge’s sells edible insects, there are boutique gourmet shops specializing in insects and many restaurants, including Copenhagen’s Noma (widely considered the best restaurant in the world) now include a variety of insects such as ants and locusts.

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