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Archive - November 2014

Drinking In Excess Continues To Be A Problem in Britain

Despite research on the dangers of drinking too much, Britain continues to worry about a rise in drinking amongst its population.

It appears the pill to stop people from wanting a second drink either isn’t available to all citizens or hasn’t caught on as the British populous, of which ten per cent is overweight or obese, continues to indulge in bad drinking habits. A recent study by The Grocer, an industry magazine, shows that more than 15% of those surveyed said they often drink an entire bottle of wine by themselves with women being more likely to do this than men. The age groups most likely to engage in this behavior are ages 25-34 followed by 45-54.

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Japan’s Wine Production On The Move

Another Asian country is looking to enter the world wine stage as Japan’s largest producer plans to expand.

Most of the wine produced in Japan is consumed locally, however the country wants to be competitive on the world stage as recent news shows. Mercian plans on doubling its growing area and developing more grower contracts. Mercian is a subsidiary of Kirin and currently grows Koshu, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlot, Syrah and Muscat Bailey A.

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Moderate Alcohol Consumption Great For Seniors’ Memories

Red wine helps clear acne, slow aging and drop blood pressure. Now experts in the US have found that it can also aid in keeping memory sharp.
Researchers at three US Universities have found a link between moderate drinking by people over 60-years-old and memory. In cases where people over age sixty did not drink, their memory recall was not as good as those who drink moderately. Moderate consumption of alcohol is defined as two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.

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