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A Tool for your Toolkit, how to remove Red Wine Stains

There’s nothing worse than spilling wine. Here’s a new way to clean it up that you’ve probably never thought of but has the science behind it to prove that it works.

Red wine is a culprit in many types of stains: carpet, clothes, teeth, and countertops to name a few. Just as it leaves many types of stains there are also many old wives tales about how to clean it up, ranging from windex to white wine. Yes, white wine. Oddly enough, white wine isn’t that far off the mark.

Next time you spill white on the carpet, head to the bar to make the stain disappear without a trace but don’t grab a bottle of Chardonnay! Instead, look for a clear liquor like vodka or gin. Pour the spirit directly onto the stain and sop it up by applying pressure to the wet stain with a rag, old tee shirt or paper towels if you have nothing else on hand.

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