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Oethical Oenology – A Look At Ethical Wine

A Look At Castello Banfi’s Groundbreaking Ethical Practices And Banfi Vintner’s Ethical Wine Offerings

During the Wine Bloggers Conference, we attended a session run by two professionals from Castello Banfi. Bill Whiting, Banfi’s Director of Wine Education, and Joe Janish, its Director of Public Relations educated wine bloggers about Lambrusco: a red grape used to make the insanely popular frizzante.  From learning about the geography and grape to tasting a variety of lambrusco wines the session was great but what really piqued our interest were mentions of a variety of ethical practices to which Castello Banfi and its partners ascribe.  We took some time to talk to Joe Janish and dig into exactly what Catello Banfi and Banfi Vintners do in the arena of ethical wine.

What is Banfi?

There are two things to which someone might be referring when they mention “Banfi”. There’s Castello Banfi, the vineyard making fine wines in Italy, and there’s Banfi Vintners, the importer and marketer of fine wines which is located in the sleepy New York City suburb of Old Brookville.

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Wine Bloggers Conference Day 3 Recap

Much of the final day of the Wine Bloggers Conference was spent talking about blogging and writing, not about wine. It was a gorgeous day and with a fairly early end time there was time to visit some more vineyards. During the speed tasting during Day 1 my interest was piqued by two vineyards that were experimenting with or producing orange wines for sale so I decided to take the drive out to those two and talk about orange wine.

Keuka Springs

Our first stop was Keuka Spring, located on a hillside overlooking Keuka Lake. We were greeted by incredibly friendly staff and spent a considerable amount of time with owners Judy and Len Wiltberger. From the rose through an extensive tasting of whites and reds it was hard to decide what bottles to buy because each is crafted with such care and precision that they’re all good.

What I Tasted…

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Wine Bloggers Conference Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the Wine Bloggers Conference was another mix of wine education and tasting.

The Business of Wine

I kicked off the day with a panel session. The panel was moderated by Marcy from Between The Vines and was made up of Monika Elling of Foundations Marketing Group, Leann Froese from Town Hall Brands, and Zach Milne-Haverty of Beverage Trade Network.

Mixing bloggers, distributors and others for this talk allowed for perspective and voices to be heard as we tackled everything from the importance of social media to the need for us to challenge our preconceived notions – a common theme threaded throughout our three days. The takeaways from this session were innumerable. A few highlights…

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