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Domaine Foivos Robola 2009

Domaine Foivos Robola 2009

Robola or Vino di Sasso or Vines of Stone is a grape variety that comes from Kefalonia island in Greece. Its grown on the slopes of Mount Aenos and it requires thin soil, sunshine and coll temperatures to produce its fruits.

These last few years Robola is getting recognized more and more but its still hard to find it across your local supermarket or wine club so don’t get disappointing if you fail to find right away. If you are persistent and lucky you can visit Wine Searcher and seek for it.

First of all this wine looks good in your glass having a light tawny color(green-yellow) that makes you want to taste it right away and when you do taste it you will enjoy it till the last drop.

Medium bodied, bone dry, excellent rate of acidity withcitrus and grapefruit flavors that leave a cool taste in your mouth after drinking it.

Fresh fish with lemon sauce is an ideal combination for this wine.


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