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Making your Own Gluhwein

Making your Own Gluhwein

The temperatures are dropping and while you’ll be the hit of the block if you blast the heat and serve up some delicious pitchers of Sangria, a more seasonably appropriate choice would be to serve your guests a delicious mug of Gluhwein, a mulled red wine popular in German-speaking countries and the Alsace region of France.

Gluhwein, or “glow-wine” is a mix of dry red wine, citrus fruit, raisins and spices. The drink is enjoyed at outdoor Christmas markets in Germany and Austria and will bring a festive glow to any holiday party. The name comes from the glowing pokers that were used to heat the wine traditionally. This is an easy drink to make and serve and like any good cocktail, you can experiment to make it your own. Please leave a comment with your ideas

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