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Wine Bloggers Conference Day 1 Recap

Day 1 was busy and long, with the first session at 9:15 and the night ending after… Click to Tweet
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Karen MacNeil

This year’s keynote was given by keynote speaker, Karen MacNeil and the conference didn’t make us wait. Karen was the first person we heard from after being welcomed and given the run down of how the conference works. Karen’s talk, “Breaking In and Breaking Out” was centered around how to make it in the Wine Blogging/Writing industry and followed six key points for bloggers and writers. Her no-nonsense style, dashed with humor, was incredibly engaging and helpful as she talked about things we all should know but can often forget in this age of digital media and quick quick quick.

Whether debating writing in the first or third person or sharing tips for how to approach your reputation, Karen delivered several excellent pieces of easy to digest advice.

MacNeil is the author of The Wine Bible – a must-have resource for anyone connected to wine, no matter the capacity and is providing all conference attendees with a free copy of her book in e- or hardcover book format. Pretty amazing!

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Arrival Day Recap at the Wine Bloggers Conference

Note:Tonight, tomorrow night and Sunday night I’ll break down the excitement, lessons, and highlights of the Wine Bloggers Conference. These posts will be full of links to other blogs, wineries, and industry insiders of interest and I’ll also note what I’ll be posting about more specifically post-conference. There is a ton to digest. And all of it is good.


Registration began on Thursday night at 7 so I decided to drive over from Vermont, about 4 hours, early to hit a vineyard or two locally. I was able to get to one, I didn’t realize that most close at 5 pm, and it was fantastic. My first stop was Ravines, in Hammondsport, NY. The driveway passed through beautiful vineyards under a perfect blue sky and led to a large, open air structure with large sliding wood doors open and welcoming. Phillip, the tasting room manager and brand ambassador, welcomed us with a big smile and offered a highly educational tasting.

What did I drink

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