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China Becomes World’s Second-Largest Grape Growing Region

Vineyards in China

Tensions between France and China, at least when it comes to wine, just got taken up another notch. In addition to recent hits to France’s Bordeaux revenue due to government crackdowns on excess, China also just took France’s claim to being the world’s second-largest wine region.

Spain And France Have A New Competitor

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (L’Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin or OIV) is an international body that tracks the scientific and technical aspects of winemaking and viticulture. As part of their duties, they release statistics on these things annually. While it has changed names and membership, the organization is likely rooted in the phylloxera epidemic of 1874 and the Montpellier Congress held by five nations in October of that year. They have recently announced that China is now a larger grower of wine grapes than France.

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Two Faces Of Chinese Wine

China’s wine community continues to grow with a variety of styles and companies. Here are two vineyards to get to know in China if you’re interested in growing your knowledge of the Asian wine scene.

As WineDom has recently explored, the Chinese wine community is exploding. Fine wines are imported and enjoyed by the population. More importantly, though, Chinese producers are developing their own brands of wine – some of which are competitive on the world wine stage. The people of China are becoming more and more educated and yearn for their wines to be taken seriously by drinkers around the globe. Between educating themselves about world wines and the world about Chinese wine, this niche is developing rapidly while also having an effect on Chinese culture in general.

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