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Find Your Favorite Wines Using These Characteristics

Acquiring and tasting wine might seem a little random to beginners. In order to figure out what wines are your favorites, it helps to enhance your personal palate. The science of wine analysis is commonly used to rate wines, but the easiest way to discover the wines you like is to taste them for yourself, and learn to classify wines by their key traits.

These are the five most basic characteristics of wine:

  1. Sweetness
  2. Acidity
  3. Tannin
  4. Fruit
  5. Body

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Guide to Developing a Wine Palate

Have you tried a particular wine that seemed to have a spicy smell, or one that reminded you of your favorite childhood candy? Some people have a naturally extensive palate, and are able to detect things in wine that seem odd to others. If all wine tastes the same to, you can still develop your palate with these six simple tips.

What Is Your Palate?

When people speak of a palate, they are actually referring to taste buds, the tongue, the inside of the mouth, and the sense of smell. In order to develop a better palate, you should begin by focusing special attention on the sensations that wine gives you in these areas. In order to develop an exceptional palate, you will need to go even further, by priming and protecting your palate. However, these expert techniques are not the topic of this guide. For now, develop your palate with the following techniques:

  1. Take your time
  2. Observe and smell before you taste
  3. Try to isolate flavors and visualize them
  4. Identify a particular flavor and move on to the next
  5. Texture and body counts
  6. Create a reserve of memories

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Taste Your Wine Like a Pro

While plenty of people drink wine in order to become intoxicated, many consider wine tasting one of the best parts of drinking. It is a sad fact that some “wine snobs” have gone too far with their views of correct tasting methods, and the whole subject can seem off-putting and inaccessible to new-comers.

Once you accept that you have moved from simply drinking wine, and into the realm of wine tasting, you might find some expectations that can be intimidating. Often, the “right” way is sullied by people who are more interested in showing their knowledge, technique, and vocabulary, than just focusing on the wine.

This guide will help you to learn the real-world techniques that you can use to taste wine like an expert.
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