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Keeping Wine Open

How and For How Long to Keep Opened Wine

Ever wondered if it’s worth opening a bottle of wine if you’re only in the mood for a glass?
It is – if you know how to properly store it.
Bottles of wine don’t have to be tossed after opening, contrary to popular belief. Instead, if you follow a few simple rules, you can get your wine to keep for several days or even weeks. The trick is knowing where, how and for how long to store each type.

Sparkling, Light Whites, and Rosé

Sparkling wines quickly flatten but are still drinkable, and enjoyable, when kept in the fridge with a sparkling wine stopper. They should be stopped and placed in the fridge – and if you want to save as many bubbles as possible, pop the stopper in after the first round of pours. Light whites and roses follow the same rule, but with their cork. You don’t need a stopper and you definitely don’t need a Vacu-Vin or other vacuum product. Research shows that they are no more or less effective than reusing the same cork. If you’ve had trouble getting the same cork in before, here’s the trick: flip the cork upside down – it will go in much easier.

Full-Bodied Whites and all Reds

Both will last 3-5 days as a rule of thumb, but whites should go in the fridge while reds do best in a cool, fark place. Consider your pantry or a cupboard. Have basement shelves in a darker room where you keep canned goods? That’s also a great spot for your recorked reds.

Fortified Wines and Wine in a Bag in a Box